Awareness about the environmental impact of products used or bought

Percentage of respondents stating different levels of awareness about the environmental impact of products used or bought.
Consumer choices
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Macro Level Data

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Country 2009 
  I am fully aware I know about the most significant impacts I know little about this I know nothing DK/NA 
Austria  3623131
Belgium  22343671
Bulgaria  83135242
Croatia  153639110
Cyprus  132350140
Czech Republic  113739121
Denmark  3404890
Estonia  133640101
Finland  4415050
France  32461381
Germany  4504051
Greece  153438121
Hungary  113939110
Ireland  12344491
Italy  143930161
Latvia  6414490
Lithuania  53440201
Luxembourg  15502771
Malta  313424101
Netherlands  4514131
Poland  20393182
Portugal  7424470
Romania  202835143
Slovakia  113642101
Slovenia  24422941
Spain  153142130
Sweden  8424640
United Kingdom  12384451

*Number of countries included in EU27 may vary due to data availability

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